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Copyright © 2009 Timothy F. Sage.      All Rights Reserved.
Welcome to the Timothy web site. I trust that you will find it's contents informative and enlightening as I enjoy the process of creating new music and poetry for you . . . the listener. There will be many updates for you to discover as well as past works, which step back to my early roots. 

You will also be able to purchase CD's and DVD's and other inspirational items. I welcome your comments as your feed back allows me to develop content that will be taken into consideration when composing. 

I firmly believe that music is the universal language that reaches out to all generations. 
Because we live in a world where we see, feel and experience the seasons of change, music reveals all things . . .  past, present and future. Yesterday was then, and tomorrow is forever............................

 Sincerely,    Timothy Sage  2016